A podcast meant to open the curtains to career choices

How many times has it happened to you while growing up that you changed your career choice every few weeks?

What about times when you were really confused with what you are even doing and have an existential crisis?

This podcast brings you a slice from experienced professionals in various fields and their journey not limited by their destination.


Rob Michaels is an Arab-Canadian writer, actor, director, and improviser based in Toronto. I had a fun conversation with him about his career choices and his education. He is a graduate with a Math degree and a Business degree who moved into the world of comedy sketches and live performances talks about how to build a career in a completely new field. You can find more about him here and don't forget to check out the featured video.


A conversation with Akash an IAS officer from India about his work and motivation.


A conversation with pilots Afshan David and Evan R on how they got their aviation careers flying and what they accomplished prior to that.

Afshan was in the banking sector for a while before she started flying and Evan had a sound career as a consultant before taking the plunge into flying professionally.


A conversation with two doctors who are accomplished beyond the realms of the medical field and their life journey

Its a mix of conversations with Dr. Mark Benaroia, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, Director Home Hemodialysis, Grand River Hospital, Co-Founder and Principal of FirstHx Inc. who gives a picture about how to take life as it comes and Dr. Ana Macedo, a medical doctor currently, making a switch into User Experience Design